Rare quadruplet of lambs flourishing in Runcton

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A QUARTET of lambs have been born and survived against the odds at Runcton Farm.

It is rare for four lambs to be born and for all of them to be strong enough to survive. But eight-year-old Gemma Kendall took matters into her own hands and decided to feed one of the weaker lambs with a bottle.

Her dad Simon said: “They all survived and are doing very well. It is quite unusual to have a quad.

“What happened is three of them were getting to the milk from the mother, but the weaker lamb wasn’t getting any. The mother wouldn’t have had enough milk to feed all of the lambs.

“But the weaker one has turned a corner and is now doing well. We have had good spring weather and got a lot of rain which has done us the world of good because the ground needed it.”

There are now five ewes and seven lambs on Runcton Farm. The farm, which can be found at Lagness Road, sells fruit, vegetables, meats, preserves and wines. For more information call 01243 787847.