Record-breaking Goodwood Roller Marathon

Participants of the Goodwood Roller Marathon, August 2011
Participants of the Goodwood Roller Marathon, August 2011

More competitors than ever before got their skates on at Goodwood motor circuit to raise money for the NSPCC.

The Goodwood Roller Marathon saw nearly 1,300 take to the track for the event on Sunday, August 14, – 500 visitors more than last year’s event.

Rollerskaters, longboarders and skateboarders all signed up to take part.

One of the organisers Mick Minster said: “The event is suitable for all ages and abilities.

“There are some speed skating events around the country but not everybody can take part.

“This was the reason for putting it together.”

He added: “I would like to emphasise that this was a team effort, no way on this earth could we have done this ourselves. It was very important.”

Mr Minster and his partner Jane Edwards got involved with the roller event around ten years ago, after the last organiser Barry Bridger decided he could not longer continue running it.

The couple jumped at the chance but needed help in running it.

Several years ago the Camberley Skaters, based in Surrey, wanted to help get the event off the ground.

In the first year 125 people signed up.

In the second year more than 200 took part but last year 700 showed up.

Help was given from the NSPCC to help the event run smoothly.