Redcaps to march through Chichester

The Royal Military Police will be gracing the streets of Chichester in the summer to celebrate a special half millennium anniversary.

The RMP will march through the streets on June 16, in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the first appointment of the Provost Marshall, head of the RMP.

Despite the Redcaps departing from the city in 2005 they still have strong ties, having been stationed at Roussilion barracks in Broyle Road, since 1964.

The earliest records show that Sir Henry Guldeford was appointed the Provost Marshall on June 1, 1511.

The four guards, consisting of 30 in each, will each appear in different uniform and will be made up of servicemen and woman recently returned from a tour of duty and a new guard.

It is a three-day event for the regiment which after parading through Chichester, will have several lunches with special guests at Southwick Park in Fareham.

Major John Ridd, who is the current chairman of Chichester District Council, served at Rousillion from 1965, until 1987 before serving in the Territorial Army, retiring in 1999.

He said: “I’m looking forward to it. We have always had a good relationship with Chichester, we have had a lot to do with the town over the years. It will be a very special day.

“Taking part will bring back a lot of memories. There should be a lot of local support.”

Regimental secretary Colonel John Baber said: “We are exercising our freedom of the city as we are celebrating the 500th anniversary of the appointment of the first Provost Marshall.

“He is responsible not only for the discipline bit but for the guards as he was in those days and for the military detention facilities.

“After 500 years he still has the same responsibilities.”

The parade will start at 12.30pm at the Festival Theatre car park and head south into North Street stopping outside the Assembley Rooms at about 12.45pm.

They will be greeted outside the Assembly Rooms by the Lord Lieutenant of West Sussex, Susan Piper, the Provost Marshall, Brigadier EO Forster-Knight, and Major General NP Carter.

The parade will then turn right at The Cross into West Street at the end of which the troops will fall out.

The parade will be supported by the Light Cavalry band from Bovington.