Resident calls for speed cameras on A285


A DUNCTON resident is calling for speed cameras along the A285 from Chichester to Petworth.

Dr Dan Slattery is calling on West Sussex County Council (WSCC) to install average speed cameras following a report which named the 12-mile stretch of road the most dangerous in the country.

The A285 SUS-141217-133318001

The A285 SUS-141217-133318001

Now he wants others to comment on his proposal. Dan said: “The A285 between Petworth and Chichester is the most dangerous road in the country, more dangerous than the M25.

“How do people feel about their family using a road like that? Were a member of my family, or spouse maimed or killed, I would bitterly regret not even attempting to make this road safer.

“Hence my proposal to WSCC is to reduce to zero those accidents in Duncton as a first step to resolving this issue.

“Average speed cameras should be positioned to the north and south of Duncton for a period of one year, and the results reviewed.

“Let’s try it first, these cameras are not expensive or intrusive. Support and comment is needed to progress this proposal.”

He added: “In 2012 there were 25 Road Traffic Accidents on this piece of road, caused solely by people’s behaviour. Of those 25 accidents, almost half were in the speed restricted environs of Duncton.

“In 2012 Police, Ambulance and Hospital costs (for this section of road) were approx. £250,000, and this is the ongoing cost (ignoring the human costs) every year until this proposal is committed to.

“The Vehicle Activated Signs (north of Duncton in the SDNP) are a ineffective, and have cost approx. £75,000, and the planned extension of double white lines for 250 yards north of Duncton has an estimated cost of £20,000.”

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