Residents say caravan plot plan is ‘disastrous’

Some of the residents campaigning against the planning application. Picture by Kate Shemilt.
Some of the residents campaigning against the planning application. Picture by Kate Shemilt.

Residents have decided to come forward and speak about their objections to plans for temporary caravans at a Pagham Road farm.

If approved the application (P/38/19/PL) would see 31 caravan units, housing between 93 and 186, working between February to November, based at Newlands Nursery, a situation residents have described as ‘disastrous’.

Abi Hudlass-Galley described herself as one of the residents ‘stepping forward’ against the application.

She said: “It would be disastrous. Our quality of life would be drastically changed.

“186 moving into an area of six homes and about 20 people?

“I can’t see how it could be done.”

Abi said the plans have left her ‘desperate and angry’.

“It was a lovely little place but we suddenly feel very differently about it – it’s a different world now.”

She added: “We have great sympathy for the predicament [the workers] are in.”

Abi described a lack of amenities in the area with the nearest shop, an organic local farm shop, just under a mile away.

“Other than that there’s nothing and they would have to walk in the road or in the rough grass. The bends [in the road] are really dangerous, we have accidents all the time.

“Lots of people have concerns about there being lots of cars but at the moment we are seeing scooters and bikes.

“They would have a nightmare getting out of there – it would be difficult even without the additional traffic.”

Approval of the plans would remove a restriction requiring the caravans to be removed at the end of each season but stored on the site all year round.

The applicant said: “There is no intention to create permanent dwellings or occupy the units between the end of November and the end of January (off season) each year.”

Another resident, Niall Robson, who works in sales, moved to the area 18 years ago from London to give his daughter a better life.

He said: “There is nothing here for those people to do – it’s just ludicrous.”

The nursery is part of the Roundstone Group, which employs 350 seasonal workers across the South Coast.