Road safety fight goes on as Chichester’s 20mph limit wins backing

Plans to introduce a 20mph speed limit in Chichester have been backed – but a leading campaigner has warned the fight for safer roads is not over.

The South Chichester County Local Committee (SCCLC) wants to introduce the speed limit across the city, excluding A and B roads, and push forward with a public consultation.

But leading campaigner Sarah Sharp said this was not enough.

“The 20mph limit is only being implemented on residential roads. It is taking away the chance to tackle the dangerous roads which are not included,” she said.

“Now we have to re-start a campaign to introduce the limit in dangerous roads such as the Northgate roundabout.”

The SCCLC gave an update on the 20’s Plenty plans for Chichester at its meeting on February 21 at the Selsey Centre, Selsey.

After the meeting Mrs Sharp said the SCCLC hadn’t got very far with the plans since she proposed three possible options to the committee some 100 days earlier.

Members of the SCCLC met with county council officers in January to discuss the consultation and the way forward.

Chairman of the committee Mike Hall said: “A report will be prepared. The outcome will be considered by the local committee.”

It is expected details of a public consultation for the 20’s Plenty campaign may be announced at the committee’s meeting on May 22. Mrs Sharp said she would like to see a 20mph speed limit introduced at other dangerous roads such as Oving Road and Whyke Road.

She wants to launch a public consultation document that isn’t too complicated ‘to get the idea across’.

“If this is the way we have to do it then that is what we shall do. The committee has made its decision,” she added.