Rolls-Royce gets the TV treatment

Rolls Royce, Chichester  Picture by Louise Adams
Rolls Royce, Chichester Picture by Louise Adams

A CANDID insight into the work of Goodwood-based Rolls-Royce Motor Cars will air on Channel 4 tomorrow night (March 20).

The super-luxury car firm let the cameras in for the documentary Inside Rolls-Royce, which captures the highly-skilled workforce individually handcrafting the world famous cars.

This comes at a time when the success of the firm is at a high – and it recently created 100 new jobs for local people.

Inside Rolls-Royce shows skilled workers putting together the most valuable bespoke car the firm has ever created – the Celestial Phantom.

The film shows 446 diamonds hand-set into the car’s interior, showcasing the attention-to-detail given to each vehicle.

“I am delighted that Channel 4 was able to capture a key part of such a remarkable year for Rolls-Royce,” said Richard Carter, director of global communications.

“This film opens our doors like never before; treating viewers to a rare insight into the restless strive for perfection that informs every part of this remarkable British manufacturing success story.”

The Rolls-Royce Motor Cars plant is nestled amongst the Goodwood Estate, just a couple of miles out of Chichester.

Inside Rolls-Royce will air on Channel 4 at 9pm tomorrow, and will be available on the catch-up service 4od thereafter.