Royal visit video: Waiting pays off those who met The Queen

Hundreds of people spent hours in the cold just to catch a glimpse of The Queen in Chichester today - and for the lucky few who got to speak to her it was especially worth the wait.

After watching a special youth performance inside Chichester Festival Theatre and unveiling a plaque, Her Majesty came outside and spent a few minutes accepting flowers and gifts and chatting to those lining the barriers.

The Queen meeting crowds outside Chichester Festival Theatre

The Queen meeting crowds outside Chichester Festival Theatre

Vicky Roe Dos Santos, 43, brought her two children Jonathan, six, and Sophia, four, and had been patiently waiting in the cold since 8am before meeting her.

Vicky said: "It was wonderful, she came out and was walking past and I called out 'Your Majesty' and then she took our flowers.

"She came over and said to them (the children) it's a lovely day.

"It was just a wonderful moment seeing her so close in person, she's absolutely beautiful, she's gorgeous.

Julia McCarthy-Fox meeting Her Majesty

Julia McCarthy-Fox meeting Her Majesty

"She's just such an inspiration to us and it's made our year, hasn't it kids?

"They're going to be telling all their school friends about it."

Friends Sharon Libby and Julia McCarthy-Fox have known each other for 30 years, having followed Princes Diana's visits together.

Julia, from Horsham, said: "It was very nice because most of the people had gone. We were fairly confident she was going to come over.

"I gave her a photobook for her platinum wedding anniversary."

Sharon, from Horndean, added: "I just said thank you for coming to the south coast, it's lovely to have you here."