Sally Phillips a patron for Challengers charity

Sally Phillips with the Farnham team
Sally Phillips with the Farnham team

An English actress, television personality and comedian has officially become a patron of a charity.

Sally Phillips had been involved with the charity for a while and spoke at a Challengers Business Club event, having met with a group of parent ambassadors who talked about their children that use Challengers.

Afterwards, Sally spoke to the packed room of Business Club members about her career in television and film industry, and told hilarious anecdotes from her experiences as well as the balance between her career and family life.

Sally said: “I had known of Challengers for a few years and decided to become a patron in 2017 after being invited to speak at an event at one of their youth centres. I saw their facilities and spoke to other parents about their experiences and how Challengers has had such an impact on their children’s lives, children just like my son Olly.”

Laura Sercombe, Challengers CEO, said: “We feel very lucky to have Sally joining the Challengers family as a patron of the charity and look forward to working with her more in the future.”

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