Santa on his tour of Chichester

Santa will be continuing his tour of the city with the Chichester Lions annual carol float.

The schedule for this week is as follows:

Thursday, December 15: East Broyle Area - Little Breach, Norwich Road, Carlisle Gardens, Norwich Road, Worcester Road, Gloucester Way, Lincoln Green, Truro Close, Rochester Close, Durham Gardens, Hereford Close, Guildford Place, Salisbury Way, York Chase, Bristol Gardens, Exeter Road, Wells Crescent, Winchester Drive, Canterbury Close.

Friday, December 16: Arundel Park area - Windsor Road, Blenhiem Gardens, Balmoral Close, Buckingham Drive, Kensingham Road, Marlborough Close, Charles Avenue, Henry Close, Willian Close, Osbourne Crescent, Caernarvon Roadd, Chatsworth Road, Sandringham Road.

Monday, December 19: Chichester (east) - Alexandra Road, Lewis Jubilee Road, New Park Road, Litten Terrace, Adelaide Road, Kent Road, St James Road, Farndale Close, St James Square, Victoria Road,

There will be no collections from Tuesday, December 20 until Thursday, December 20.

The final collection will take place on Friday, December 23 at the Sainsbury’s car park from 9am until 4pm.

The event helps raise money for worthy causes in the area.