Scene is set for North Mundham celebration

VILLAGERS will flock to the North Mundham gala tomorrow (July 18), continuing a tradition of more than 100 years.

Running from 2pm-5pm, the gala attracts people from around the area to the village’s playing field.

Gala chairman Tim Smith is now in his seventh year and said he was looking forward to the big day.

Asked what his favourite part of the day was, he said: “I think just seeing people enjoy themselves and a relaxed atmosphere.”

He said people of a range of ages went to the event, describing the gala as a ‘real generational thing’.

Fingers are crossed for good weather tomorrow, with the current forecast looking positive.

“The weather is always the tricky bit and a couple of years ago we had some very wet conditions,” he said, adding wet weather would not be a disaster, but that good weather made it a ‘much better day’.

The day includes a flower and vegetable show.