School warning after ‘stranger danger’ incident

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Parents have expressed their concerns after a school sent home a letter warning a man had tried to get a pupil to open his front door.

Rose Green Junior School urged them to be vigilant and remind children of stranger danger after the incident, which police confirmed was reported at Rose Green Road on Tuesday (February 14), having taken place at 5.40pm.

The letter details how a child was sitting playing a video game indoors and saw a man who had approached the house, ‘despite a 40ft driveway’, signalling them to open the front door.

“Fortunately the child was able to alert his mother,” it added.

The man reportedly then ‘signalled to the boy not to bother and ran down the driveway’, according to the letter.

It added: “We do not have a clear description of the man other than he was wearing a hoody.”

A police spokesperson said: “It is not clear what the man’s intention was and he is reported to have walked off with another man.”

The incident follows reports of a man acting suspiciously in a play park in The Nurseries, Bognor, on Sunday.

Neighbourhood Schools Officer Claudine Bishop said: “We take all such reports very seriously and would ask anyone to contact us immediately if they witness any suspicious behaviour.

“The best way to do that is by reporting information online or by calling 101. In an emergency, call 999.”