Seal 'the size of a man' spotted in Arundel

The seal. Picture via Owen Austin
The seal. Picture via Owen Austin

A seal believed to be the size of a man has been spotted in the river Arun in Arundel this morning (Friday July 19).

"I was a bit shocked really I didn't expect to see it this far in so I thought 'that's a bit strange' — we were taken aback by it," said 18-year-old carpenter Owen Austen.

"It happened at about 11am. We were just walking back from town and I was getting something to eat,"

Owen and his colleagues had been working in the area doing a loft conversion when they crossed the river.

He added: "It was just there on its own and it was the size of a man, about two metres. It came out [above the water] once then clocked us then it went back under again, then we went to the other side of the bridge but never saw it come back up."

Owen said he believed the seal was likely using the river to hunt for fish.

"It was quite far up and it didn't look like it was up to anything."

The seal was more than five miles from the coast by the bridge over Queen Street.