Seasonal confusion for newly-hatched ducklings

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THE Brent Lodge Bird and Wildlife Trust has had some unexpected visitors this week.

On Friday, people at the centre were amazed to receive some orphaned ducklings, which had been seen out in the wild on their own.

Danny Dawes, from Brent Lodge, said this was a clear sign of how much the environment in this county is changing for wildlife in the UK.

Ducklings are usually synonymous with springtime and the end of Winter, and it is very unusual to see them at this time of the year.

He added that after calling around other wildlife centres, no-one had heard of ducklings being hatched at this time of year, and found it hard to believe that Brent Lodge had received the birds at all.

Speaking of the ducklings, Danny added: “They are doing very well and love their heat lamp.

“They are eating well and shall be kept in for a while until they are strong enough to take on the cold weather.”

He added that if the ducklings had been left out in the wild they would have been easy prey for predators, or else would probably have fallen victim to the cold weather.

As well as ducklings, Brent Lodge has also advised members of the public to keep an eye out for hedgehogs at the moment.

It added that hedgehogs are suffering a great deal currently with drastically declining numbers across the county.

It has asked for anyone who sees hedgehogs out and about during the day, or any particularly small ones, to bring them to the Bird and Wildlife Trust.

Brent Lodge is situated in Cow Lane, Sidlesham, nr Chichester, PO20 7LN.

To get in touch with the centre call 01243 641672 or visit the website at: