Second dog poisoned in Bosham

A SECOND dog has been poisoned in as many weeks in Bosham, leading the owner to wonder if someone in the village has malicious intentions.

The first incident was reported in the Observer on January 26 when Judy Peeters’ dog Rusty ate a sandwich filled with rat poison.

It had been buttered and carefully cut into squares and left on a path behind their home in The Hortons.

On Sunday (February 4) David Weston’s dog Rufus ate slug pellets left on wasteland near to Burns Shipyard when it was on a walk with his wife Helen.

Half an hour later the three-year-old Spinone dog was rushed to the vets after suffering a fit, but fortunately he is now on the mend.

Mr Weston was told by the vet the dog would have died had it not been so big and strong.

The 70-year-old, who lives in Shore Road, said: “She was walking past the old Burns shipyard where she let the dog off the lead, it doubled back and went to see two other dogs, and it stopped and ate something from the ground.

“About half an hour later it had a fit and the vet confirmed the dog was poisoned.

“It is unusual in the extreme that you would find this sort of thing happening twice out of the blue. This happened about 100 yards from where it was before.

“The area where our dog was wasn’t in a residential garden, it’s on a piece of wasteland.

“The more publicity there is about this, the less likely it is to happen again.

“It makes me feel very sad that somebody I believe intentionally has left this.

“The vet said if he weren’t so big and strong, this would have killed him.”