Section 106 signed for Donnington 112-home plan

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THE developer of 112 dwellings in Donnington has negotiated a section 106 agreement with nearly £650,000 up for grabs.

Local authorities will receive contributions to cope with the extra homes. A huge £239,260.50 will go towards education in the area, and £51,496 for healthcare.

The developer, Barratt David Wilson will also contribute £185,808 to community facilities and £104,201 to sports and leisure, as well as contributions towards the library service, fire and rescue, and public art.

In the contract, of the 112 homes, 45 must be affordable. Shared ownership will make up 13 of the homes, and 32 will be for rental. But only 16 of the affordable rental units have to go to people with a local connection to Donnington.

At the meeting where the plans were approved, a representative from Affinity Sutton said 57 households with a connection to the parish were in need of affordable housing.