Selsey campaigners hit back of petition figures


CAMPAIGNERS have countered a statement that there are more people in favour of a Selsey development, than against.

The Observer reported last week that Michael Fletcher, the boss of Landlink – the applicant for the development of 144 homes, an Asda store, hotel, petrol station and restaurant at Park Farm – had said the submissions to the council were more in favour of development than against.

He stated that Landlink’s supporters poll had 134 supporters while the opposition’s poll had just 122.

Donna Johnson, who is at the forefront of the campaign against the development, said this was not accurate because the number he referred to did not include more hundreds of paper petitions which had not been included in those figures.

She said with paper petitions included, the number of people who had signed the opposing poll was 718.

The outline planning application for the site has been submitted and is pending consideration from district council planners.