Selsey Cancer Charity helps fund St Richard’s equipment

A NEW piece of equipment will help doctors at St Richard’s Hospital identify skin cancers quicker.

The dermatoscope, funded by the Selsey Cancer Charity, will be used by the Dermatology Service at the hospital.

Dr Karim, consultant dermatologist at St Richard’s, said: “A dermatoscope is a piece of medical equipment which helps to analyse moles in the clinic and by the bedside and is enormously helpful in our attempts to identify skin cancers at an early stage.

“The sooner we can get skin cancers off the body, the less likely they are to have spread and the better the outcome for our patients.”

The Selsey Cancer Charity was set up around 23 years ago to supply Chichester and the surrounding local areas up to Portsmouth with equipment for cancer patients.

They have great loyalty from their members who pay a £2 a year subscription fee. They attend meetings and then items for the jumble sales and table top sales which raise the funds for the charity.

Mrs Clifton has been running the charity for four years now and there is a team of eight people helping.

Previously, the cancer charity has supplied the Dermatology Service with surgical instruments and a smoke extractor, which are all still in regular use during Dr Karim’s surgical sessions when he is removing skin cancers.