Selsey care home criticised in CQC report

Summerfields Residential Home
Summerfields Residential Home

ACTION is being taken against a residential home which was found to be causing a risk to people’s health.

Summerfields Residential Home, in Church Road, Selsey, failed to meet standards in all areas of a Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection.

The report, published at the end of October, revealed the home failed in areas including; treating people with respect and involving them in their care; providing care, treatment and support that meets people’s needs; caring for people safely and protecting them from harm; staffing; and quality and suitability of management.

The inspection report said that during the inspection in September, the provider entered each resident’s room without knocking and sometimes didn’t acknowledge the resident even when they said ‘hello’.

A visiting health worker said one resident who had a fall ‘was left in pain for a day’ before staff called a GP.

Another said: “Staff sometimes appear to be oblivious to people’s needs.”

Inspectors said there was no evidence residents or their families had been consulted in care decisions.

One care file contained a ‘Do not resuscitate’ notice, but contained no legal documentation to show this decision had been made either by the person, or by people acting in their best interests, report said.

Care plans contained conflicting guidance as to what action care staff should take and this placed people at risk of receiving inappropriate care or treatment.

The cook had not received any nutrition or hydration training and was unaware if anyone was under or overweight and so could not provide meals to help them with their weight management.

According to the report, residents who required constant supervision to ensure they ate meals were left alone and did not finish their meals.

One member of staff informed inspectors they did not have time to sit with all the residents when they ate.

Inspectors said the food intake of residents with diabetes was not regulated properly.

Residents were allowed to eat only set meals and fruit was rarely on offer. 
Food past its use-by date was found in cupboards.

Dust and cobwebs were found in several places. There were brown urine stains around one resident’s sink.

Medication was not stored, monitored or administered properly.

People were at risk of receiving the wrong medicines because staff did not follow instructions properly.

Care plans contained conflicting guidance and records were not kept up to date CQC’s inspection in June 2014 raised serious concerns with failure to respond appropriately to incidents of abuse, and failure to identify the possibility of abuse and prevent it before it occurred.

At this inspection, some improvements had been made.

CQC has said it was carrying out a further inspection to see whether improvements required had been put in place.

The new report will be published in the next few weeks and the Observer will provide updates.

At the time of writing, no response has been received from Summersfields Residential Home when it was contacted by the Observer for a comment.