Selsey Golf Club gets permission for more music

A GOLF club has been granted permission to increase the number of days it can play music in its marquee.

Selsey Golf Club succeeded in persuading Chichester District Council’s planning committee to allow it to increase the number of days it can play music from six to ten days per year.

Concern was raised by Selsey Town Council about the application, with the council’s planning committee chairman Ben Cooper saying residents complained in recent years about the club’s use of a marquee and the noise levels.

He said a more-permanent structure would be suitable for events, but added the town council did not want to be ‘anti-commerce’.

“If this application were in a permanent or better-isolated building, the town council wouldn’t have objected,” he said.

New manager Caroline O’Hagan told the committee this was the first time in years the club had been fully booked for the year as a venue, meaning the marquee was still justified.

“I do appreciate that there was a noise level problem years ago,” she said, adding the parties that used to cause the noise were no longer allowed.

“This is the first time in years we’ve been fully booked,” she said.

The application to the district council was an amendment to the original planning application for the erection of a marquee between March and October each year.

Councillors voted unanimously to allow planning permission.

Selsey north district councillor and cabinet member John Connor also spoke at the meeting in support of the golf club, which is based in Links Lane, saying he did not believe there was currently an issue with noise.