Selsey lifeboat called out

The 15ft predator angling boat 'CONTRIBUTED PICTURE
The 15ft predator angling boat 'CONTRIBUTED PICTURE

A BOAT in trouble called for help from the coastguard, but then failed to tell them when their engine started again.

The Selsey lifeboat was tasked at 2.33pm on Saturday (August 24) to assist a 15ft predator angling boat.

It was reported to have broken down and was anchored around one mile east of Selsey Lifeboat Station.

The vessel was not equipped with a radio and the crew’s only means of calling for help was by mobile phone.

While launching the lifeboat, a craft fitting the description was seen motoring past the slipway of the boathouse.

A spokesman said upon investigation this was found to be the same vessel which the lifeboat was about to go to help.

The crew had restarted the predator’s engine but omitted to inform the coastguard. The vessel was escorted to East Beach ramp and recovered onto its trailer and words of advice were given to the owner by the local coastguard unit.

The lifeboat returned to the station at 3.23pm, where it was washed down, refuelled and made ready for service at 3.55pm.