Selsey lifeboat crew help soldier’s marriage proposal

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ONE woman certainly did not get that sinking feeling when her boyfriend proposed to her after he got down on one knee – with the help of Selsey lifeboat crew.

The proposal came from a soldier about to head off to Afghanistan. A ‘will you marry me?’ sign was held aloft on Selsey lifeboat the Voluntary Worker while out at sea, after the Launch Day event for Lifeboat Week on August 7.

His girlfriend did of course accept his proposal.

Trevor Boston from Kent was in the right place at the right time to capture the romantic moment on camera. He said: “It was such a random act, you had to be there to believe it.”

Roger Browell, spokesman for Selsey Lifeboat Station, said: “The mother of one of the couple donated money to the RNLI after the proposal.

“It rounded Lifeboat Week off quite nicely. It is the first time I am aware of that we have had a marriage proposal like that on a lifeboat.”