Selsey man is runner-up in worst photo competition

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IT’S an accolade nobody wants to receive, but a Selsey 72-year-old has been named runner-up in a worst holiday photo competition.

Eddie Clamp captured a pair of fins on a diving trip to Cyprus, and came second only to a blurred Disneyworld photo in the national competition.

It was taken on a diving trip to the wreck of the Zenobia in Larnaca.

“I served in the Royal Navy for 34 years and my last tour was in Cyprus,” Eddie said.

“I went back to visit a friend and we decided to dive down to the Zenobia with his scuba diving club.

“I decided to get some action shots and managed to get a great shot of someone’s fins.

“Thankfully I did get some decent pictures, too. It was an incredible dive – pity the same can’t be said for my photos.”

The ultimate winner was Jayne Boorman from Kent – who won the first-place position with a blurred photo of her family’s trip to Disneyworld.

After queuing to see Duffy the Disney Bear in Florida, Jayne was in charge of the camera, but only managed to capture a blurry picture of the moment.

Steve Barnes from, which ran the competition, said: “The response we had to the competition was 
amazing and it was hard to pick a winner.

“All the photos really were terrible.”