Selsey man urges council to fix sea wall

Robert Moore by the broken sea wall in Selsey. C120111-4
Robert Moore by the broken sea wall in Selsey. C120111-4

A Selsey man who has fought for several years to protect his home and others from being flooded by the sea has urged the district council to reinforce the nearby crumbling sea defence wall before it is too late.

It took eight years of writing to Chichester District Council for Robert Moore to see improvement works take place at the sea wall from James Street to Lifeboat Way. But now a new problem has arisen.

Mr Moore, who lives close to the wall at Jones Square, said: “What I hope to emphasise is it is not just the wall that is broken. The large concrete blocks forming the actual sea defence underneath the wall have gone.

“This can only be seen from the seaward side of the wall, when the tide’s out. Someone inspecting the damage from the same side of the wall that the houses are on might not realise this.

“It rather looks to me the houses are in more urgent need of protection than folk might realise.”

Mr Moore researched into the situation with the sea wall before he moved to his home 12 years ago.

However a Chichester District Council spokesman said: “The council is aware a small section of sea wall and adjacent ground near to Lifeboat Way, Selsey has been damaged following recent rough seas. Our records show that this section of sea wall is privately owned and therefore it is the responsibility of the owner to repair.

“We are in the process of writing to the owner of the land to inform them of the damage and are requesting that the sea wall and ground be reinstated as soon as possible.

“As this area is open to the public and used by many people the council took immediate action to prevent access to the affected area by erecting temporary fencing. We will continue to monitor the condition of the wall pending reinstatement works by the landowner.

“The public is asked to remain outside the fenced area because of the obvious hazard.”