Selsey mum hoping to keep her family home

Michelle and Nick Burlton with four-year-old Liam. Picture by Kate Shemilt
Michelle and Nick Burlton with four-year-old Liam. Picture by Kate Shemilt

A DAUGHTER has spoken of her distress at being asked to leave home, just days after her mum passed away.

Michelle Burlton, 30, lives with her husband Nick and their two children in Pennycord Close, Selsey, in a property owned by Affinity Sutton housing association.

Her mother Christine Piper passed away a fortnight ago aged 67, from pneumonia.

The tenancy was in her name.

“They’re basically saying I can’t take over the tenancy. I’m not allowed to live here,” said Mrs Burlton.

She added: “I felt awful, absolutely awful. I felt like my world was falling apart. I’ve lost my mum and now I’m losing the house all my memories are in.”

Mrs Piper passed away on June 29, after contracting pneumonia. Her funeral takes place today (July 11).

However, Mrs Burlton said days after her mother’s death, she was notified she would have to leave.

She moved into the three-bedroom Pennycord Close home 17 years ago, when she was 13, with her parents.

Her mum and dad had a joint tenancy, but in 2008 her dad passed away and the property passed to her mum as a single tenancy.
Mrs Burlton said she was told the tenancy could not be transferred again.

“I feel so angry to think they can do that. You can have two children and they can say ‘sorry, you’ve got to get out’.”

Mrs Burlton’s son Alfie is eight and attends the Seal Primary Academy, in Selsey. Liam, four, is due to start in September.

She said representatives from Affinity Sutton were set to come on Monday (July 14) to see her.

She added she phoned Chichester District Council for advice but was told she should only come when she had formally received a notice to quit.

Mr Burlton, 26, works at Selsea Fish and Lobster and coaches Selsey Seals Football Club.

Mrs Burlton said the family had been offered somewhere to stay at her mother-in-law’s home.

However, there was only one bedroom spare for the four of them.

The Observer contacted Affinity Sutton for a comment but did not receive a response.