Selsey pensioner died after being hit by lorry

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AN 84-year-old Selsey woman was ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’ when she was hit by a 13-tonne lorry twice while using a pedestrian crossing.

The accident happened as Eileen Domone was crossing New Parade, Selsey, on July 29 last year when the lorry reversed into her.

The driver, realising he had struck her, jumped from the cab but a bystander told him incorrectly she was still under the wheels.

He got back in and unknowingly drove over her again.

Mrs Domone, who lived in Sunnymead Drive, Selsey, was airlifted to Southampton General Hospital where doctors amputated the lower part of her left leg but she died two weeks later on August 11.

At her inquest, assistant coroner Elizabeth Jones recorded a narrative verdict.

Consultant pathologist Dr Norman Carr said the cause of death was acute peritonitis, caused by a perforated ulcer.

The coroner said the ‘significant trauma may have had an effect on her ulcer’.

Police sergeant Anthony Crisp said large lorries often reversed into the narrow access road in New Parade.

He said a family overtook Eileen so ‘had probably obscured her from the view of the driver’.

Another woman jumped underneath the vehicle to help Mrs Domone and was injured when a bystander told the 22-year-old driver to move the lorry forward.

Sgt Crisp added: “The driver was in the process of making a manoeuvre, looking in his mirrors and CCTV cameras.

“He was aware of the family group crossing behind him.

“His speed would have been between one and three miles per hour, it was very slow.

“He saw the last person walk behind and assumed it was safe to continue.

“A vehicle of this size wouldn’t have been aware of the impact.

“The driver was well trained and said he and Eileen Domone were in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

No criminal charges were brought against the driver.

The coroner added: “Sadly someone asked the driver to move forward. This was a complete error because it involved Mrs Domone being driven over again, causing further injury. It is not possible to rule out one way or the other whether the accident caused the death or the death was caused by natural causes.

“What we do know is an incident happened which involved Mrs Domone who was doing nothing other than crossing the road.”