Selsey primary school given lifesaving equipment boss Kevin Byrne visiting the school boss Kevin Byrne visiting the school

SELSEY-BASED has donated a lifesaving defibrillator to a local school and paid to train 12 members of staff how to use it.

Staff at Seal Primary Academy, also in Selsey, were shaken and upset when they heard an ex-colleague and friend had died from a heart attack.

Seal head teacher Matt Batchelor said: “We were deeply saddened by what had happened and thought if it had occurred at school, could this vital piece of equipment have helped?

“It made us think hard about the diversity of people that come to our school, be they visitors, parents, children or staff. We also have several children with potentially life changing conditions that could, and do, require medical assistance at any time of the day.

“We want to ensure that if something like this happens again we are in a position to help.

“Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) often happens without warning. It can happen any time to anybody of any age and when it does survival chances are slim. Having a defibrillator can help restart a person’s heart and buy valuable time until the emergency services arrive, ultimately saving lives.

“We are hugely grateful to for their support in providing this life-saving equipment.” boss Kevin Byrne visited Seal Primary Academy on Wednesday, June 10, to talk to staff about how they are getting on with the new equipment and their training.

Claire Allen, fundraising manager at, added: “Supporting genuine local causes like Seal Primary Academy are part of our company ethos, so we are delighted to be able to help. It is worth every penny.”