Selsey school given a new tree after vandalism

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YOUNG eco warriors have been sharing their ideas after Seal Primary School was given a tree by another school after theirs were vandalised at the beginning of the year.

After hearing about the loss of the Selsey school’s trees, the eco team from Jessie Younghusband School decided to pitch and help and last week presented an apple tree to Seal’s eco team.

The presentation was a chance for the two groups to meet and make friends, and afterwards the JYH team enjoyed a tour of the grounds and learned about the work they are both doing to raise awareness about ecological issues both at their schools and in the wider community.

Headteacher Linda Reynolds said: “When our trees, at the front of our school were damaged the children were very upset. However, we have had well wishers call the school and offer donations to replace the trees. JYH’s kind offer of the tree also highlights that out of bad, good things can happen. Thank you to all those friends of the school who have helped.”