Selsey travellers ignore first eviction notice

TRAVELLERS have ignored an eviction notice to move from the Oval Fields in Selsey.

The group were served with the notice yesterday morning (June 10), and were given 24 hours to leave.

“As expected the notice to quit was ignored,” a Selsey Town Council spokesman said.

“Our agent has just returned from County Court to file a claim for possession of property. County Court will hear this case on Monday at 9.50am. At that time an eviction notice will be issued with immediate effect. This, however, means they have another weekend on Oval Field. They could move before the hearing date, which they are aware of.

“There are reports that individuals have been seen scouting for other sites in Selsey, one of which is at the bottom of Lifeboat Way. At present a resident has their car parked in front of the bollards. We have arranged for Persimmon Homes who own the land to install a concrete barrier and this is happening later this afternoon.”