Sidlesham animal hospital gains thousands of pounds

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The annual Brent Lodge Animal Hospital Christmas fair in Sidlesham attracted encouraging visitor numbers.

Its bright and bustling stalls attracted those eager for an early festive bargain.

They also had the chance to meet some of the centre’s guests, which range from snowy owls, hedgehogs and baby seagulls to swans and foxes.

Staff member Darren Ashcroft was delighted with the total of £6,500 which was raised.

He said: “It’s been really busy for the fair with people queuing to get in and we’ve had a lot of cat and dog food donations for the animals which is great and will keep us going until after Christmas.”

“These events do help us as it’s been a challenging year for us and we’ve gone from having seven or eight staff to three due to funding issues. We’ve dealt with around 3,000 animals this year which is certainly up from last year and much of that increase has been down to road traffic accidents.”