Sidlesham animal hospital warns residents to act quicker

Emma Pink and Dan Ashcroft Managers in new enclosure - ''C111919 2 Chi Brent
Emma Pink and Dan Ashcroft Managers in new enclosure - ''C111919 2 Chi Brent

A wildlife animal hospital in Sidlesham which is now able to look after bigger animals in a new fence enclosure has warned residents to act quicker when they find ill animals.

Brent Lodge staff were overjoyed when they got the money to build an outside area for bigger animals such as deer and bigger birds.

However full-time staff member Emma Pink has said people are leaving it too late in bringing in ill or injured animals.

“We have been getting a lot of phone calls from people who have found animals, but then keeping them for up to two weeks before coming to us,” she said.

“We are getting cases like this every single day. It is heartbreaking to see these animals screaming in pain.

“They can helped with just a simple phone call. If dealt with quickly enough we can give advise down the phone.

“People think they are doing the right thing but we are trained to know what to do.”

Mrs Pink said some animals do not show when they are in pain, and so some could be suffering for days before they are given the medical attention they need.

Despite the urgent appeal, Brent Lodge has just secured £3,000 to build an outside fencing area for bigger animals after a long wait. The grant of money was secured from the Body Shop Foundation.

Emma added: “We have had a couple of deers over the last couple of weeks so this enclosure will come in really handy.

“More are going to come in but it does work to our advantage.”