Sidlesham teaching assistant top of the class

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A ‘LOVELY and warm’ teaching assistant has been honoured for her sterling work in the classroom.

A ‘LOVELY and warm’ teaching assistant has been honoured for her sterling work in the classroom.

Rosie Beecheno, a teaching assistant from Sidlesham Primary School, was one of 15 people in the country to be recognised as some of the national teaching assistants of the year.

The past academic year was quite a busy one for the school, with a new head teacher and the reception class’ teacher being ill for most of the year.

Head teacher Alison Bardsley said: “Although we managed to get a supply teacher, Rosie was a constant throughout the year for the children in that class. She took on a lot of extra work.”

She just basically held the whole of the class together for the year.

“She was the main contact 
for the parents as well.

“She just worked truly well and above what was expected of her role.”

The head teacher kept it a secret from everyone that she had nominated Rosie for the award, so it came as a shock when someone turned up at the school to present her with an award as one of the most outstanding teaching assistants in the country.

The shortlist of 15, of which Rosie was one, was whittled down from around 300 teaching assistants who were put forward, according to Mrs Bardsley.

“She didn’t know anything about it.

“None of the staff knew until the day and the man came to present her with a reward. It was a surprise for her and everybody else.”

“The children started applauding and they went on clapping for what seemed like forever.

“They were just so happy for her.”

She said Rosie’s help had been invaluable throughout the whole year.

“It was quite a turbulent year and she was just committed.

“She gave more than anyone would expect.”

Asked why it was that she had decided to nominate Rosie for the national teaching assistant award, Mrs Bardsley said: “The fact that it was a very stressful time for everybody and she was just committed throughout and she’s always listened and is a lovely, warm personality who gives a lot to the whole school team.”