Sidlesham village sign is unveiled

Rev. Stephen Guise blesses the new sign.'''Photo by Louise Adams  C121762-1 Chi Sidlesham Sign
Rev. Stephen Guise blesses the new sign.'''Photo by Louise Adams C121762-1 Chi Sidlesham Sign

A VILLAGE is hoping the culmination of a year-long project will help put it on the map.

Featuring a time capsule buried at its base, a new village sign is the result of months of community work, and the woman behind the project has spoken of her excitement at its completion.

“It has really brought the village together,” said Corina Hall of Sidlesham Parish Council.

“So many people had ideas on what they thought should go on the village sign and I wanted to please everybody.

“When the team of artists sat around the table we were trying to incorporate it all, and I think we’ve 
done that.”

The village has recently celebrated a speed limit reduction, which traffic campaigners said would help people recognise the area as an individual place, not as a through route 
to Selsey.

Cllr Hall added: “A lot of people go through Sidlesham; it’s a very long village and they don’t appreciate the number of houses that are there.

“I’m hoping this is the sort of thing which will make people realise.”

Having been quoted around £5,000 for a new sign at the start of the year, the council began looking for alternative options.

The wooden post and metal sign originated from The Selsey Tram, a pub in Donnington which closed down.

From this point onwards a long list of local businesses, individuals and the local school were all involved in seeing the project completed.

The sign, based on the Paddock Straight, was officially unveiled on Saturday, December 15.

The introduction of a sign was initially suggested as a way to commemorate all the events of the Jubilee year.

“It’s a big relief to get it done,” Cllr Hall added. “There were times when I was concerned we wouldn’t get it done for the Jubilee, but everything happened very quickly and then it 
was up.”

The project has been described by the council as an example of true recycling.

Combined with the recent speed limit reductions in the area, hopes are high the changes mark the beginning of a stronger community spirit in the village.

Cllr Hall added: “A lot of people have told me how nice it looks and how pleased they are.”