Sky dive to help change attitudes

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A mother will take on a sky dive to raise money for a charity set up by a family member who was severely scarred for life in a car crash.

Sarah Partridge, 41, from Emsworth, will take to the skies on November 21 in a bid to raise funds for the charity Changing Faces, which was set up by her husband’s uncle James Partridge.

When James was just 18 he suffered serious facial scaring from burns about 40 years ago.

He set up the charity to support others like him wand to try to change public attitudes towards people with an unusual appearance.

Sarah said: “Everywhere James went, he was scared, scared of other people’s reactions, their staring, curiosity, anguish, recoil, embarrassment and dread of meeting him - and worst of all, their ridicule.

“James was also scared of himself, afraid of what he saw in the mirror and sad that he had lost what he believed - then - to be central to his prospects, his looks.”

“He’s made it his life’s work to set up he charity to help people facing facial disfigurement.”

Sarah’s jump will be in aid of the Face your Fears campaign which encourages people to face fears to help raise funds.

Despite taking part in a sky dive once five years ago Sarah said that has not reduced her fear.

“It was sprung upon me by my husband. I went along with him thinking I was watching and when we pulled up he presented me with some paperwork and said ‘you’re going too’.

“That was nerve wracking. My palms were dripping. The moment you go over the edge it’s the most exhilarating thing in the world but five years later I’ve forgotten about that.”

The mother-of-two hopes to raise £1,500.

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