‘Smiling’ reindeer runners take up hospice challenge

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ST WILFRID’S Hospice was the fundraising aim for determined college runners.

A headteacher and 11 other runners went running up and down the Downs in aid of the St Wilfrid’s Hospice Reindeers Run Appeal.

Medical assistant at Seaford College Doriane Ben Cheikh organised the run, which featured runners aged between 15 and 55.

Afterwards, Doriane said: “It was amazing that age-wise the run attracted the whole cross-section of the college 
and what was even better was that the smiles the runners had on their faces when they started were the same as when they rolled into Charlton.”

Headteacher John Green was approached and agreed to take part and when students heard about the run some of the elite distance runners wanted to join in as well.

The course took them up and over Graffham Down and the group finished at the Fox Goes Free pub, in Charlton.

As part of St Wilfrid’s campaign, schools involved in the project had to devise their own run and each participant paid £1 to enter.

They then received a festive pair of antlers to wear while running and something to eat at the end of their reindeer race.

Upon hearing of the hospice’s fundraising challenge, some of the college staff thought they would up the stakes by
making the fun run more challenging by taking to the hills.

To give the runners even more incentive to reach the finish line, a pub was chosen as the runners’ ultimate destination.

Six students and six members of staff made up the group.

Speaking after the race, the head teacher said: “It was a tough old climb going up onto Graffham Down, but thinking about why we were doing it kept us focused.

“Well done to all those that took part and to Doriane for organising the event.”