Solar field construction stops birds laying eggs

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A MAN who takes in rescue animals has said a new solar farm being constructed next to his house is causing his animals so much stress that some birds have ‘gone off’ laying eggs.

Ivan Jones, of Selsey Road, Sidlesham, said some of his birds have stopped laying as many eggs since workers moved in about two weeks ago and began constructing solar panels in Baker’s Farm.

Mr Jones’ field of birds (as seen in photo) is next to the new site which was given planning permission on October 6 2014 and is scheduled to take 10 weeks to construct.

He said: “The chickens and doves have gone off laying now because there’s heavy duty trucks passing by all day long.

“I bought this house 27 years ago because it’s quiet. There’s nobody here and it’s lovely

“What I had before will be gone for 30 years.”

Mr Jones said he was disappointed planning permission had been given to the new site in such a quiet and rural setting.

He added that the construction has also involved workers setting up mobile homes and offices on the site, which added the intrusiveness.

A spokesperson for Chichester District Council said the site developer has been given guidance on the route of vehicles, the disturbance of neighbours, noise control and other such issues.

The spokesperson said: “The developer has also created a website about the development to help answer any questions and to provide information during the construction phase. This can be found at

“If residents have concerns that the management plan is not being followed, they can report it online by visiting or they can write to the council’s planning enforcement team and we will investigate.”