Southbourne Lions Christmas float routes are set to bring festive cheer

Santa will be out with his sleigh once again during December for the Southbourne Lions Christmas Float routes.

Wednesday, 28th November 2018, 1:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 2:48 am

On Saturday, December 1, the route will be at Farm Shop Southbourne between 9.30am to 3pm, and at Woodmancote Public House at 6pm on Sunday, December 2.

The float will visit Westbourne North (Commonside, Covington Road, North Street, Ellesmere Orchard) on Monday, December 3, and Westbourne South (Lark Way, Mallard Way, Kingfisher Drive, Grebe Close, Edgell Road, Homefield Road, Crockford Road, Homefield Road, Churcher Road, Mill Road. River Street, North Street, The Square, Lingfield Close) on Tuesday, December 4.

It will then visit Southbourne West (Manor Road, Manor Way, Clovelly Road, Smallcutts Ave, Manor Gardens, St Johns Road, Park Road, Bourne View Close, Haslemere Road, Stein Road, Mountwood Road, Merrivale Court, Hartland Court) on Wednesday, December 5, and Hambrook (Hawthorne Gardens, Pynham Manor, Priors Leaze Lane, Hambrook Hill South, Brook Meadows, Aviary Close, Shepherds Close, Scant Road (West), The Avenue, Conifer Drive, Hazel Copse) on Thursday, December 6.

Saturday, December 8, will see the float at Emsworth Square between 9.30am to 1.30pm, before heading to Bosham South on Monday, December 10.

It will visit the Bosham North area (Morton Road, The Holdens, Spindrift Mews, Critchfield Road, Merryweather Road. Marcuse Fields, Fairfield Road, Leander Road, Fairfield Close, Shamrock Close, Cambria Close, Astra Close, Westward Close, Taylors Lane, Walton Lane, Hamilton Gardens, Broadbridge Mill, Stanbury Close, Arnold Way, Station Road, Williams Road, Brooks Lane, Rockall Way, Barnside, Montague Avenue, Gifford Road, Broadbridge Drive, Penwarden Way, North Road, Old Bridge Road) on Wednesday, December 12, and the Chidham-Nutbourne area (Chidham Lane, Hamstead Meadow, Broad Road, Flatt Road, Langstone Gardens, Kiln Drive, Baileys Way, Brook Road, Macadam Close, The Halt) on Thursday, December 13.

The float will then be at Bosham’s Carols on the Meadow, by the roundabout, on Friday, December 14 at 6.30pm, and the Emsworth Grotto and Fete at Emsworth Cottage Hospital on Sunday, December 15, from 10.30am to 1.30pm.

On Monday, December 17, the float will visit Southbourne East (Fraser Gardens, Cheshire Way, Lauder Close, South Lane, Hither Green, Kelsey Avenue, Barnfield Close, East Field Close, Glenwood Road, Overton Road, Furnston Grove, Priors Close, The Grove, Cooks Lane, Hurstwood Avenue, Guildford Close) and the Southbourne South (south of railway) area (Garsons Road, Longlands Road, Trafalgar Close, Prinsted Close, First Avenue, Second Avenue, Lazy Acre, Eden Place, Stein Road, Lodgebury Close, Northcote Gardens. New Road, Goodwood Court, Priors Orchard) on Tuesday, December 18.

The float will visit the Hermitage area (Bramley Gardens, Russet Gardens, Thistledown Gardens, Woodfield Park Road, Orchard Lane, Mill End, Sadlers Walk, Nelson Close, Pagham Close) on Wednesday, December 19, and then Thorney Road, Gordon Road, Southbourne Avenue, Apple Grove, and Penny Lane on Thursday, December, 20.

The final date is Friday, December 21, when the float will be at Emsworth Square for a static collection between 9.30am to 1.30pm.

Weekday collections start at 6pm, unless otherwise stated, and finish at approximately 8pm.

Collection dates may change due to weather conditions and if, due to time restraints, they are unable to complete some routes, the Lions ask that their apologies are accepted.