Southbourne students become rail safety ambassadors

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PUPILS in Southbourne have become rail safety ambassadors for their school as part of a new initiative.

The six youngsters in year six have been learning all about how the level crossing in Stein Road is policed, how to be safe and stay on the right side of the law.

Parents and pupils regularly use the crossing, be it walking, cycling, or driving over it on their way to Southbourne Junior School, and Southbourne Infant School which are nearby in New Road. Throughout their last year at the school, the rail reps – Daniel Boschi, Fergus Brown, Elanor James, Gabrielle Partridge, Ellie Jade-Williams, and Cameron Cassar – will pass on the knowledge to their peers.

Ten-year-old Eleanor said: “A couple of weeks ago we went to see a police van down by the railway station and we saw some going over the railway without wearing any seatbelts.

“It was very exciting: you could tell if it’s stolen or not, it’s amazing how clear the cameras are and pick up the registration plates that go past.”

The Reps will also be judge a competition to create the best level crossing safety poster.

Junior school headteacher Clive Butler said: “The thing parents talk about most is the children going over the crossing. They do worry about it, whether they walk or cycle to school.”