‘Special measures’ village calls for aid

DEPRIVATION in Tangmere has led to a call for more resources for the parish.

At a meeting of Tangmere Parish Council on Thursday, re-elected chairman Andrew Irwin said: “When you drive through the village it may look okay but underneath, people in the village do have considerable needs and that shouldn’t be forgotten.”

He said Tangmere was ‘one of the four wards within the district which is effectively in special measures’.

Cllr Roy Anscombe said the village had been used as a ‘dumping ground’ over the years for houses by Chichester District Council.

Cllr Irwin said Cllr Anscombe was using ‘ very pejorative language’.

However, he did say: “We have a high level of affordable housing in the parish compared with other areas, and it follows on we will have associated extra needs to cater for.”

He added of the district council: “We want to make sure they know they need to provide us with something more than they have over the last few years.

“We’re a relatively deprived ward and we need the infrastructure to make up for it.”

He added if people looked ‘behind the front doors’ in the village there was a ‘significant level’ of real deprivation and a number of ‘underlying issues’.

In March, the parish council issued a mission statement with six points to challenge the district council.

The points included: the number of homes proposed for Tangmere in the draft local plan; the proposal to upgrade the Tangmere Water Works, which was described by the parish council as being a ‘shortsighted and unsustainable solution’; the definition in the plan of Tangmere as a ‘settlement hub’; and the notion major housing was sustainable east of Chichester, which the parish council said would put ‘unacceptable pressure’ on the A27.

The parish council also rejected the proposal for a strategic housing site west of the village.

The draft local plans said 1,000 new homes could be built onto the village by 2029.

It also said the development was unlikely to commence before the planned upgrade of the waste water treatment works in 2019.

At the meeting on Thursday, the parish council voted unanimously to reconfirm its stance to the district council.

There had been slight dissent Tangmere could be described as ‘deprived’ as Cllr Irwin said a couple of letters appeared in the Observer from readers disagreeing with the parish council.

“I’m not going to write a letter back to the paper,” he said. “We will continue to pressure Chichester District Council.”