Stansted Park Christmas Festival

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FESTIVE-FEELING revellers have spent the weekend at Stansted Park’s Christmas Festival near Emsworth.

With dozens of stalls running a brisk trade in the house and grounds, there’s no shortage of festive fare and present ideas.

Caroline Black from Quercus, a stall selling creative crafts, said it is the ‘best’ Christmas craft fair in the area.

“It’s my fifth year here,” she said.

“I started in the garden centre outside.

“I absolutely love it here, it’s beautiful. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. It’s my favourite craft fair of the year.”

The three-day festival attracts businesses from around the country, but Emma Newton, from Bracklesham has set up her bakery stall downstairs.

“We’ve had a really good few days,” said Emma, chief baker and owner of Newton’s Bakery.

“It’s been fun - it’s great here.”

Youngsters were entertained by a santa’s grotto and a seasonally decorated horse and cart which gave people lifts around the estate.

Among some of the most popular treats on offers were a wealth of festive decorations, distinctive Welsh slate wine racks, highly unusual jams and preserves, traditional wooden toys and Christmas tipples.

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