Stonepillow: Giving tools for a better life

Dan the "bike man" repairing  bycycles.''Picture by Louise Adams C131692-2 Chi Stonepillow Appeal
Dan the "bike man" repairing bycycles.''Picture by Louise Adams C131692-2 Chi Stonepillow Appeal

STONEPILLOW is passionate about giving homeless and vulnerable people tools for a better life.

This shines through with the Restore project – which the Observer appeal is turning its attention to this week.

The support from readers so far has been amazing and, with the spirit of Christmas shining strong, we know this week we can make a real difference.

Restore recycles donated furniture and white goods to individuals and families on low incomes in the area.

Not only that, but it provides a practical learning opportunity for unemployed trainees to help them be ‘job ready’.

Once ready for sale, the items are displayed in Stonepillow’s warehouse on Terminus Road.

In order to help continue this award winning work – last year saw Restore win the 2012 Going Green Business Award – we are asking for donations under the theme “DIY Duties.”

This can include power tools, paint brushes, screwdriver sets – anything which will help the Restore maintenance team.

“As well as the day-to-day running of the Restore Project, the team of staff at Restore is also responsible for carrying out general maintenance and DIY duties across all of Stonepillow’s projects,” explains Emily Skiggs, community fundraiser.

“Each move-on household has an appointed ‘caretaker’ who is in charge of resolving any DIY tasks, with the support of the Restore team.

“These roles are taken very seriously and allow our clients to take pride in, and responsibility for, the household in which they are living,” said Emily.

“The donations of tools received will help them to carry out a wider range of restoration work and learn new skills.

“It will also mean not having to ‘share’ vital tool sets.”

The donations will also be put to good use with Stonepillow’s latest intuitive – The Bike Shed.

Once bicycles have been restored, by Stonepillow clients and volunteers, they will be sold at a low cost.

The affordable bikes will then benefit both the environment and people’s health – kickstarting the new year as it means to go on.