Storm releases new book on weather

WITH the winter storms having a huge impact on people’s lives, an East Wittering weather expert has written a book about it.

Author and fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society, Storm Dunlop, has written about weather systems and forecasting in his new Meteorology Manual.

Released just weeks after the wettest winter on record, the book looks at what causes variations in the weather and how to predict the movement of weather systems for accurate forecasting.

“There is growing interest in learning about how weather systems are formed,” said Storm. “Increasingly, people want to understand the weather which has had such a profound effect on many during the past few months, particularly in the south west of England.”

Clear diagrams and photographs illustrate how global weather systems work and how seasonal variations of winds and ocean currents around the world can impact on local weather, as was seen to such devastating effect this winter. The book also includes information about how and why extreme weather occurs, including storms, lightning, hurricanes and tornadoes.

Storm also provides advice on how to observe the weather and make an accurate forecast, using simple techniques and instruments.

Meteorology Manual: The practical guide to the weather by Storm Dunlop is out now.