Strictly Lemon - dancer who trains the TV stars

Lemon with comedians Noel Fielding and (below) Russell Kane
Lemon with comedians Noel Fielding and (below) Russell Kane
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SHE may not be as much of a household name as the celebrities she helps to train on Strictly Come Dancing, but that could be all set to change for a professional dancer and singer-songwriter from Chichester who goes by the name Lemon.

The former Fishbourne Primary and Bishop Luffa School pupil has worked all over the world dancing for major artists, as a choreographer to the stars and on prime-time BBC and ITV shows.

Strictly classes coming to Chichester. Below: Lemon with celebrity friend Tom Daley

Strictly classes coming to Chichester. Below: Lemon with celebrity friend Tom Daley

As if that wasn’t enough, the talented performer has just finished her first album which is planned for release at the end of the year.

“I did my first UK tour last year supporting Little Mix, Blue and M People which was just amazing and allowed me to sing all over the globe,” said Lemon, whose striking blonde hair makes her look every inch the pop star.

“Music has been such a big thing for me since I can remember and I’m so excited about the release of my album.”

Her first single called Pussy Drop, which was produced by school friend Dominic Horgan, also from Chichester, featured in the Hollywood blockbuster Kick Ass 2 and is currently being sold around the world on the compilation CD.

Lemon and Russell Kane

Lemon and Russell Kane

Lemon’s love of singing and dancing began when, at the age of four her parents sent her to the Arabesque School of Performing Arts in Chichester.

Lemon said: “I went there virtually every day of my childhood and that’s what gave me the training and understanding that I could make a career out of performing. Cynthia Rider, the owner, was the one who really pushed me for years and I left knowing dancing and singing was what I wanted to do.”

At the age of 16 she moved to London to take up a scholarship at the highly-prestigious Italia Conti stage school, where over three years she shared lessons with future pop star Pixie Lott.

Since graduating, Lemon has danced on music videos for big names like Paloma Faith, Dizzy Rascal and Alicia Dixon, before she met long-term partner Richard Marcel, the UK’s best-known TV, film and celebratory choreographer.

The pair worked together on Strictly Come Dancing, putting together many of the dazzling routines which regularly 
thrill fans of the show every Saturday night.

From there Lemon worked on the BBC’s Let’s Dance for Comic Relief, and training a host of top celebrities like Jo Brand, Noel Fielding, Adrian Edmonson and Russell Kane, she says it was here she really made a name for herself.

“I have always been really lucky with the people I end up with because they always work really hard and want to do well,” she said. “I worked with comedians Russell Kane, Adrian Edmonson and Lee Nelson and all of them managed to get through to the final.

“Everyone always seems to remember Russell doing Beyonce’s Crazy in Love (which is well worth a YouTube watch) and watching them do so well was awesome and actually transformed things a bit for me and gave me a bit more 

Far from stopping there, Lemon has worked with 
Richard on a host of other exciting projects. In the past three months, the pair have choreographed Godspell the musical for the West End, and such is its success that it is 
already set for a UK tour from early next year. Other projects include working on a new TV series with Elizabeth Hurley called The Royals and choreographing the music videos for the band Catfish and the Bottlemens, who leapt into the charts last month with a top-ten single. For now though, Lemon’s main focus will be the new Strictly Salsa classes she and Richard are starting in Chichester from this Monday, as well as the launch of her new album.

“My job has taken me to places like LA and Barbados so I’m incredibly lucky to do something I love,” Lemon said.

“My parents live in Tangmere and a lot of my friends are still around so doing Strictly in Chichester will give me the chance to come and see them, coming back always feels like my little sanctuary.”