Sun shines on music festival

Hintertwine entertaining the crowds
Hintertwine entertaining the crowds

The weather gods were smiling down on the Apuldram Centre as a feast of live music was put on for the Apulstock Festival.

Hundreds of people flocked to the outside area of the centre, which organised the festival, to see 15 bands play throughout Saturday.

Caroline Goodey, Alex Fryer, Paul Reed, Danny Norton, Laura Herniman

Caroline Goodey, Alex Fryer, Paul Reed, Danny Norton, Laura Herniman

The event was aimed at bringing together all those involved with the centre and their families, for a fun summer festival. Many chose to camp at the site at Common Farm, Appledram Lane South, to add to the festival experience.

Supported living manager at the centre, Alex Fryer, said: “What was really nice was the feeling in the air. We had such terrible rain before and we were worried we might have had to cancel. But the weather came right for us and everyone enjoyed themselves.

“It was a safe environment for people with disabilities to listen to music. They could be themselves.

“When you work for a charity, you don’t always get to see the benefits of fundraising events, but with something like this we did.”

General manager of the centre Jane Kilby said: “It was so wonderful to see adults with learning disabilities enjoying the different kinds of music.”

A trial run of the event was first held last year for a smaller crowd after Mr Fryer wanted to introduce some outdoor activities.

Camping was suggested and it wasn’t before long that the idea to have music and refreshments for the event was put forward. All money raised was used to buy a pool table for the centre.

Mr Fryer said: “Mr Theodoridi and Mike Hobson said they would come down and play and we got a basic PA system in. Because we didn’t know what to expect, we didn’t open it up to as many people as we wanted.

“This time we brought in a professional production company. All bands have come in for free to play.”

This year there were 15 bands who played at the festival. They were; Morton Marshall, Hintertwine, Francis Lickerish, Iron Tyger, 
The Bloques, Crackling Jack, Mike Hobson, FOCs, Crazee Baldhead, James and Harry, The Lost Tourists, Ribbon, Avondale45, The Little Shocks and Rikki P.

The Apulstock team wishes to thank all the bands, all the sponsors and everyone involved in putting on the festival.

It said the event would not have been possible without Joe Roddis, the board of trustees, Chris Robinson, Selsey Fireworks, Chichester Darts League, Frank Jones, Jane Kilby and Stage Services Ltd.