Super dog Misty leaps into action

Hole in the Wall landlord Eddie Puno with Misty his dog   Picture by Louise Adams C131440-1
Hole in the Wall landlord Eddie Puno with Misty his dog Picture by Louise Adams C131440-1

A CRIME-fighting canine helped its owner stop a bike thief in his tracks, after a police chase through the city centre.

Misty, a 16-month-old Siberian husky saved the day after catching up with a criminal – who was then arrested.

What’s more, the police managed to track down the bike’s rightful owner, and returned it to them fully intact.

Landlord of The Hole in the Wall Edward Puno, 39, is Misty’s owner.

He told the Observer what happened when they came across the police chase on East Street while out for a walk.

“When she saw the police chasing the suspect she followed in the pursuit,” said Mr Puno.

“I think she thought it was a game.

“The suspect must have panicked when he saw 
a husky running after 

“He ran towards the pub and I was able to grab 
him in front of the premises with Misty behind 

The police then arrested the man and thanked Mr Puno and his dog for their help in concluding the chase.

“The police have to deal with incidents like this every day and I am just happy that we were able to offer our services,” said Mr Puno.

He said he was surprised to come across a police chase at 11pm in the evening after a quiet walk – but not as surprised as the suspect. “I don’t think that the suspect ever thought he would be apprehended by a pub landlord and a Husky,” said Mr Puno.

“I’m glad that myself and Misty have made Chichester a little bit more safe and have helped the local police in the arrest of the suspect.”

A police spokeswoman confirmed the unusual turn of events which led to the suspect’s arrest.

“Officers were in pursuit of a bike thief, who had just stolen a bike from the city centre,” she said this week.

“Mr Puno was in the area at the time and saw that 
the police were in 

“He then let his dog off the lead who chased the thief down.

“The man was then arrested and the bike returned to the owner.”