SUSSEX DECIDES: Chichester District Council local election results across Chichester, Selsey and Southbourne

The Chichester District Council election 2015
The Chichester District Council election 2015

THE last seats in the Chichester District Council elections have been announced, and there were a number of shock results in the three-seat wards.

The Conservatives swept the board across Selsey north, Chichester and Southbourne. In Chichester East, Conservatives took all three seats from the Lib Dems.

In Chichester South Tories again were victorious, holding one seat and winning a further two.

Here are the latest results from across the district:

Chichester East (three seats): Quentin Cox (Lib Dem) 1184, Thomas Dempster (Con) 1321, Ben Earnshaw-Mansell (Lab) 1044, Tony French (Lib Dem) 1161, Les Hixson (Con) 1214, Jane Kilby (Con) 1381, Michael Woolley (Lib Dem) 1040

ELECTED: Thomas Dempster, Les Hixson and Jane Kilby

Tories take all three seats

Chichester North (three seats): Peter Budge (Con) 1887, Tony Dignum (Con) 1900, Simon Lloyd-Williams (Con) 1747, Edith Pingree Rogerson (Green) 1262, Susan Shord (Lab) 809, Barbara Stewart-Newell (Lib Dem) 1140, John Turbefield (Lib Dem) 879

ELECTED: Peter Budge, Tony Dignum and Simon Lloyd-Williams

Tories hold all three seats

Chichester South (three seats): Alan Chaplin (Lib Dem) 807, Pam Dignum (Con) 1411, Thom French (Green) 711, Nigel Galloway (Con) 1362, Len Macey (Con) 1216, Jasper Richmond (Green) 855, Anne Scicluna (Lib Dem) 859, Sarah Sharp (Green) 1100, Ray Webb (Lib Dem) 688

ELECTED: Pam Dignum, Nigel Galloway, Len Macey

Tory take all three seats

Selsey North (three seats): Andrew Brown (Ind) 799, John Connor (Con) 1462, Margaret Dyer (Lab) 735, Peter Gibbs (Green) 1082, Carol Purnell (Con) 1433, Darren Wakeham (Con) 1183

ELECTED: John Connor, Carol Purnell and Darren Wakeham

Tory hold all three seats

Southbourne (three seats): Jonathan Brown (Lib Dem) 1437, Bruce Finch (Con) 1847, Robert Hayes (Con) 1994, Graham Hicks (Con) 1865, Matthew Leeming (Lib Dem) 914, Adrian Moss (Lib Dem) 878

ELECTED: Bruce Finch, Robert Hayes and Graham Hicks

Tory hold