Sussex Police reports rise in domestic abuse cases

MORE domestic abuse statistics have been released by Sussex Police for the festive period.

A total of 982 incidents were called in over Christmas and New Year.

This was an increase of 643 from the same time last year.

Of the 982 incidents, 219 were recorded as crimes, ranging from assault to harrassment.

“The increase in incident reporting this year was particularly noticeable, and we think it may be due at 
least in part to the fact we 
have been actively campaigning to raise awareness of this issue and the support available to vulnerable people in dealing with it,” said detective sergeant Hari Flanagan from Sussex Police.

The number of calls per day this year ranged from 60 on December 21 to 129 on New Year’s Day.

Sussex Police had a dedicated team, Operation Cranberry, targeting abuse during the festive period.