Sussex police warn of bank account con

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News focus

POLICE are urging residents to beware of ‘slick’ fraudsters.

The conmen phone a victim claiming to work for the police, saying they have arrested someone for trying to access the victim’s bank account.

They persuade the victim to call their local police to report it, but do not put the phone down, meaning that the line doesn’t clear.

The victim is then told that the officer who called was genuine and they should call the bank.

Offenders stay on the line, posing as a member of staff at the bank and take down the victim’s account details and pin number.

A fake courier is then sent to the victim’s address to collect the bank card giving them full access to the account.

Chief inspector Justina Beeken, from Sussex Police, said: “This is a slick and well-planned 
crime where the victims are often targeted because of their vulnerability.

“There may be people who have already been fooled into providing their card and details, but who have either not realised money has been stolen from them or have been too embarrassed to report it.”

Call Sussex Police on 101 if you have been affected.