Sussex schoolboy’s poem goes viral after he was bullied for being ginger

Alfie Coleiro SUS-181112-111608001
Alfie Coleiro SUS-181112-111608001

A poem about being bullied because he has ginger hair which was written by a 12-year-old boy from Sussex has gone viral.

Twelve-year-old Alfie Coleiro, from Eastbourne, was told by bullies to kill himself because in their eyes “being ginger haired was worse than cancer”.

The poem he wrote back to the bullies, who sent him messages anonymously, was shared online by his parents Nyree and Jay Coleiro and has appeared across social media.

His mother Nyree told the Herald the poem had been shared hundreds of times.

Alfie, a Year 8 pupil, has been inundated with messages of support and is now training wit MSK Martial Arts School in Eastbourne.

This is his poem:

Bullying ain’t nice

It ain’t cool

Just because I am ginger

You’re so so cruel

Are you really like this?

Have you not got anything better to do?

Or are you gonna treat me like gum on the bottom of your shoe

You’re an idiot you have made me cry

But that’s not the case

Not even my home is my safe place

I see the messages and feel like crap

Its like I’m stuck in some sort of trap

So I’m not ok

But I will say I’m fine

I make people happy and people fake their smiles

I might be faking mine

I’ve got love and support

That’s all I need

Just please own up

Please please please

Don’t be like this

Don’t be mean

Can’t say it to my face

So you sit behind a screen

But I’m gonna carry on with life

Do what I wanna do

Don’t interrupt me anymore I’m done with you

So I’m not gonna sit there, cry and freak out

But without a doubt

I’m not gonna blend in