Sussex Woman of the Year Awards 2014: Online Business nominee

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A WOMAN with a ‘vision for the future’ has been nominated for the Woman of the Year Awards 2014.

Helen Wright, founder and editor of online magazine, Feminarum, has been put forward for the Online Business category.

Helen, who lives in Chichester, said the publication works to change the media stereotypes of what women want in a magazine.

“We are an online magazine that provides women with everything they need to enrich their lives,” she said.

“We also work with a wide variety of charities and organisations. At Feminarum we pride ourselves on asking our readers what they want to see in each monthly issue.

“I was nominated by my family. They were so proud of the progress and the success that myself and my freelance team have achieved with Feminarum magazine in such a short space of time,” said Helen.

“My vision back in October of 2013 was to produce a magazine that would listen to its readers and ask them what they wanted to see in futures issues and also provide a magazine that would stand against the stereotypical ideas and images flooding mainstream media concerning women.

“I want to win this award to show women that you can achieve your goals with no money, but plenty of motivation.”

April 2014 will be the first paid-for issue of the magazine since its launch in October last year.

The magazine has also produced a charity calendar.

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